Lucy Worsley (lucethreads)

Lucy Worsley (lucethreads)

Lucy Worsley

Artist / Designer, Melbourne, Victoria

Having studied a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts, my work is highly mixed media based, tactile and a joy to create. My inspiration comes through my interest in finding hidden, unnoticed treasures in the most diverse places and bringing them back to life. Fragments of hand-sourced vintage materials are layered, printed, drawn, stitched and intricately embroidered to create a range of patterns, scenes and surface designs.

I am currently living and working in Melbourne on a freelance basis, alongside lecturing and teaching.
My work has evolved since my move to Australia. I am continuously being moved by stories, memories, objects and artifacts, that I find or hear about, as I continue to discover the delights of Melbourne.

I have been lucky enough to teach with Fibre Arts Australia and New Zealand and have recently exhibited with Quadrant Gallery, Kew, Victoria as part of ‘the art walkers group’.

I teach with The Centre for Adult Education (CAE) in the heart of Melbourne, please visit their website for more information and future courses that I am running…

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  • Textiles
  • Surface Design
  • Fibre Arts
  • Print Making
  • Illustration and Jewellery


  • Print Making
  • Embroidery
  • Textile & Surface Applications
  • Drawing - Teaching and lecturing